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We understand and accept our responsibility towards the community and the planet.

We favor challenging projects that really .
use our high-end talent.

Our team thrives on complexity and loves complicated projects that have dozens of APIs, complex cloud architectures, and multiple user stories. By staying true to our core principle of hiring bright engineers and designers that are great communicators, we can take on exceedingly complex projects that other firms in our field can’t.
  • 1.How long will it take to build the software?

    It depends on the requirements of course. It can be as quick as a couple of weeks for smaller projects. On average, we aim for 3 months for larger projects, and resource the team appropriately to deliver in this timescale. Much larger projects, or those with a complex “critical path”, can take much longer, or be “ongoing” projects with regular releases.

  • 2.There are plenty of free Lancers out there, why use a provider?

    If the project is complex, and you need a certain set of guarantees, provider options look preferable. It is a more expensive one, but considering the value it brings, you would benefit in a long run, unless you have a very good freelancer “up your sleeve”.

  • 3.Is software development a good career?

    Yes, software development is a great career. Our team of talented developers. The pay can be fantastic, and it is a genuinely fun but challenging and interesting job to do. The world is becoming ever more dependent on technology and developers are hugely in demand as a result.

  • 4.Will I own the IP?

    Yes. You will have full ownership of the intellectual property.

  • 5.How is software made from scratch – what is the process?

    The first part of the project is called Sprint 0. This is where we fully plan out the system to thoroughly prepare the team for the project, and to align your teams and our teams on the requirements for the project. We will work with your key stakeholders to create a “Wire-frame” of the entire system – designed to the requirements of today rather than how the current system looks & feels (if one exists). We will also create User Stories to specify each functional and non-functional requirement in detail. The system will be built using the Agile methodology meaning that every 1 week you will be given a full demonstration of work completed to date, an updated Budget/Burn Down and a meeting to plan out the tasks for the next sprint. Eventually the software will be ready to “go live” and we will make that happen, setting up the application on a production hosting environment. We will then support you for the long term.

  • 5.What is an MVP?

    MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. This is an important concept in the software world. What you do is design your software, thinking of all the possible features. You then strip it back to the bare essentials. What is the “minimum” product we can build, that has the value we need? The value depends on what you must achieve from the product – for example the minimum might be that it has certain important functionality and allows it to be bought online with a credit card. However you might decide that allowing customers to buy “on account” is not necessary from day one. Therefore if it is not critical, do not build it. Then you end up with a leaner product, costing less, and available much sooner. Then you get feedback and really start to understand what people want out of the software. You might find out nobody wanted to buy it on account after all. If you try to think of – and include – every possible feature up front, it takes far longer to build, which costs a lot more of course, and it simply delays getting it live, in use and bringing value to your organization. Find out more about our software consultancy services.

Why Choose
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Custom solution development requires a solid technical background and a clear understanding of the сlient’s business goals. We provides high-quality and cost-efficient software development services. It allows startups, mid-sized and enterprise-grade businesses to achieve their goals with the help of custom software solutions from simple customization to full-cycle software development.

Project management

To deliver competitive software products to market fast and free, you need to get your development teams to perform at the top level. Finding the right project manager is the key to keeping up with the product release schedule and keeping all things under control.
Startups still tend to ignore management contribution and typically run out of passion or harmony on the team